What’s new?

  1. Construction has begun.  The Pathway portion connecting East Parkway and Broad Avenue will be complete by mid-April.  This section will be a 12 foot wide paved path.  Plus, the signals at East Parkway and Sam Cooper will be changed to support increased bike and pedestrian traffic crossing East Parkway.
  2. Final public review is complete.

pathway construction 2


Designed to be a safe active transit route, the Hampline is a two mile, on-road/multi-use trail designed for all levels of experience in walking and biking. It will showcase best practices with regards to protected cycle tracks – green lanes. By linking the western terminus of the Shelby Farms Greenline with the existing trail network within Overton Park, the Hampline is the essential link for the growing on-road and multi-use system in east Memphis and beyond with the on-road bicycle network west of Overton Park toward the River.

In addition to adding vital connectivity to the growing bicycle network across the Memphis region, the Hampline will provide residents and visitors with safe access to facilities and amenities in the neighborhood including the five neighborhood schools, Tillman MPD Precinct Station, Howze Park, Lester Community Center, Benjamin Hooks Public Library, spiritual and medical facilities, the Arts District, and the amenities located within Overton Park.

The Hampline will be the most innovative bicycle infrastructure project to be built within the United States. NYC has a few similar cycle tracks, as does Montreal and Vancouver, B.C. But nothing surpasses the build that is schedule to take place linking Overton Park with Broad Avenue and the Greenline.

hamp photo sim

Median design keeps cars from parking in the bike lanes along the arts district.

hamp photo sim-2

Planted median design creates a protected route for bike riders along Tillman Street

Photo Sim First Baptist Bollards

Bollard design will be utilized on Broad Avenue between Collins and Tillman